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Morse Type Control Cables

The Morse control cable is the brand name of an existing cable manufacturing company in the United States of America. Generally, Morse control cables are used in marine and industrial applications and in order to cater for this need, Cable-Tec Morse control cables are built with marine-grade, corrosion resistant materials to ensure years of efficient performance.

We are able to reproduce any type of Morse control cable as we have the old part numbers and drawings in our files and the components in stock so whenever a Morse control cable is required, we can manufacture an equivalent for your trucks, boats, buses, agricultural vehicle or any other application.

We can supply either spare parts or we can reproduce a Morse control cable from scratch depending on your needs. We pride on a 24 hour replacement service so if your cable is required in quickly, we can help you.

We offer a fully interchangeable range of Morse cables, from control levels to clevices, all manufactured using high quality materials and the latest technological innovations available in our field.

If you are worried about performance or durability, our range of Morse control cables are manufactured to withstand greater loading and extreme temperatures both for plus and minus applications.

To find out more about our range of Morse cables or if you are not sure what kind of cable you need, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you.

We dispatch all our cables the SAME DAY or, if you prefer, you can visit our trade counter where we provide a while-you-wait service.

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