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Handbrake Cables

 In vehicles, hand brakes are traditionally comprised of a handbrake cable (that tends to be adjustable in length), that is connected to a brake mechanism and to a lever that is controlled by the driver. They are used primarily to keep an automobile stationary, or in some cases (when the vehicle is parked on an incline or hill) as an aid to starting the vehicle without rolling backwards. However, hand brake cables can also be used in vehicles, trucks, or wheelchairs. 

At Cable-Tec we are specialist cable manufacturers and suppliers, and can provide you with help or advice on the maintenance of handbrake cables or how to fit them, or provide you with a new one. Our hand brake cable sizes vary from 1.5mm to 15mm depending on your requirements.

Our handbrake cables are all tested before they are produced and sold as a matter of course, and we offer a tailor made service in case our in-house cables do not fit your needs, we can create bespoke hand brake cables (compliant to the ISO 9002 quality systems requirements) for you.

 As handbrake cables tend to tear, rip or snap, at Cable-Tec our hand brake cables are manufactured with wear resistant and low friction materials in order to avoid damage. In order to meet your requirements, our handbrake cable end fittings, and inner and outer casings are available in galvanised, cast mazak, plastic, PVC, or stainless steel finishes. 

Contact us anytime on 0151 355 0004 or e-mail using the enquiry form on this website and we will be happy to help with your individual needs. We offer outstanding service here at Cable Tec, and can turnaround new orders within 48 hours if required.

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