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Cable-tec are international suppliers and manufacturers of control cables, based in Nottingham in the UK. We manufacture a wide range of control cables with applications across a variety of sectors for a wide range of uses. The list below shows the main types of control cables we provide:

We offer a 24hr replacement service for any control cables you may require and all control cables we manufacture are bespoke to your requirements. We can reproduce any control cable in any form or type and therefore, if your cable has snapped, seized or failed we can help you. Call us now!


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Solutions for all markets

  • Control cables for marine applications.
  • Heavy duty lever for industrial applications.
  • Products for heavy plant and the construction industry.
  • High Performance control systems for motor sports applications.
  • Cable Tec supplies a full range of cables, control systems and hardware Heavy Duty Lever.
  • Our systems are used in industrial automotive applications.