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Cable-Tec Cables and Controls Ltd are manufacturers and suppliers of mechanical control cables.

We can manufacture large batch production volume down to ‘One-off’ special and bespoke prototype cables.

We can also reproduce historic or obsolete control cables.

Based close to Nottingham and Liverpool in the UK, we manufacture a wide range of control cables covering applications across a broad range of industry sectors.

The list below shows just a few of the main types of control cables we can manufacture:

Clutch Cables

Cable-Tec manufacture a wide range of clutch cables to suit a variety of applications, from lawn mowers to military vehicles.

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Bowden Type Cables

‘Bowden’ was a brand name covering a range of cables manufactured by the former Bowden Cable Company.

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Throttle Cables

Cable-Tec manufacture a huge range of throttle cables, covering all sectors of industry.

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Push Pull Cables

We manufacture a wide range of push-pull control cables which have applications in a variety of industries and sectors.

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Motorcycle Control Cables

We are able to supply cables for your Trike, Quadbike, Scooter or Motorcycle.

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Marine Control Cables

Cable-Tec manufacture a range of marine control cables.

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Mechanical Control Cables

Cable-Tec are manufacture a wide range of Mechanical Control Cables.

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Gear Shift and Transmission Cables

Gearshift cables are often required at extremely short notice, due to the nature of the application.

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Felsted Cables

Felsted is the brand name of the Felsted cable company.

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Morse Type Cables

Morse is a brand name for the Teleflex Morse manufacturing company in the United States of America. Generally, Morse control cables are used in marine and industrial applications.

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Teleflex Cables

Teleflex is brand name synonymous with marine and industrial control cables.

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Cablecraft Type Cables

‘Cablecraft’ is the brand name for a cable manufacturing company. The term ‘Cablecraft’ has come to define a very wide range of control cables.

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Handbrake Cables

Most vehicles have manual parking brakes, which are controlled via a lever and handbrake cable. They are used primarily to keep an automobile stationary when parked.

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