Booking a Repair

cable-tec controls and cablesWhere can I get my cables repaired or replaced?

You can get repairs and service at Cable Tec Sutton in Ashfield (Nottingham) or Cable Tec Bootle (Liverpool). You can also send your cables to our repair centres at either site. The technicians at both these locations receive high quality training and will offer you the best service available. We aim to deliver the same high-quality service with our aftermarket parts as most OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The repairs are backed by Cable Tec Cables and Controls Ltd and offer warrantees on most products and work carried out.

How long will it take?

Our Cable Tec Service Centres offer same-day service for some minor repairs, such as solderless nipple replacement or cut crimp and spare parts such as ball joints, rose joints and clevises. If you send your cable directly to a Repair Centre, it will be processed and lead times quoted with prices depending on current work load and schedules. Usually cables are made and despatched within 7-10 days for one off cables. Small batch orders may take longer and are subjected to availability of parts and machining of special parts.

How much will it cost?

After examining your cable, our technicians will confirm the total costs for repair or replacement via email, this will only be done after we receive the pattern cable or drawing. Work will not commence until payment is made in full. (No quotes will be given over the phone)

What to Include When Sending in the Cable?


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