The modulator cable control is designed to send the
engine throttle rate (on a mechanically governed
engine) to the hydraulic control valve in the transmission.
It will fit Allison Transmission models AT500,
MT600, HT700, V730, CLT650, and CLBT750 series.

Control Cable is polymer lined rated at 300° F (149° C)
4 inch bend radii minimum
Built-in spring returns to idle
Pull function recommended, but push also available

The Slip-Link kit includes the necessary hardware for complete installation of the Modulator to the engine fuel control lever. Kit includes a slotted slip-link, link pin, flatwasher, cotter pin and locknut. To order, see chart below.




Polymer Link
Part No.
Thread Size
For Use With
Modulator Part No.
(3 Series)
10-32 UNF-2A THD
2124, 2179, 2180
(4 Series)
1/4-28 UNF-2A THD
2220, 2225, 2230, 2235

Pull Type Description Transmission
2124 Clamp 3-Series end FMX (threaded mount)
2179 Clamp 3-Series end C-6
2180 Bulkhead 3-Series end C-6
2182 Bulkhead 4-Series end Hydramatic (350/400)
2183 Clamp 4-Series end Hydramatic (350/400)
2220 Bulkhead 4-Series end Allison
2230 Clamp 4 Series end Allison
Push Type Description Transmission
2225 Bulkhead 4-Series end Allison
2235 Clamp 4-Series end Allison