33c, 42b & 64c

Supplier of 33c, 42b and 64c Cables

Cable Tec are the longest & leading UK supplier of Orscheln push pull cables.

Cable Tec are happy to offer the following marine cables suitable for both Gears and Throttles.

Our control cables are specifically made for the marine environment to meet or exceed all industry standards. Our equivalent to the 33C and other “C” and “B” type control cable offers quality and a smooth feel at the control as it utilises a PTFE coated stainless steel push pull wire core in a lined conduit. It offers stainless steel end fittings with 10/32″ UNF, 1/4” UNF and 5/16” UNF threads and metric rod ends are also available.

To determine the length of your replacement cable, measure the overall length from extreme end to end. Any questions regarding measuring email us on sales@cable-tec.co.uk .

All cables are made to order and we are able to supply them at any length required whether they are measured in feet or metres.

* Universal cables meet all specifications for marine type original equipment cables.
* Cables can use the existing connection components.
* Stainless steel fittings.
* Cable has a 10-32 threaded terminal and a clamp-type or bulkhead fitting at each end.
* 75 mm nominal travel
* 5 inch or 127mm minimum bend radius
* Maroon HDPE outer casing for durability and best resistance to UV and chemicals.
* Cables meet or exceed all applicable industry standards.

Boat Remote Control Throttle

Cable Tec 33c Boat Remote Control Throttle

Boat Remote Control Throttle/Gear Cable

Cable Tec 43c Boat Remote Control Throttle/Gear Cable

64c Universal Cables Meet All Specifications

64c Universal Cables Meet All Specifications


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